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Additional Services

I offer the following services as well.

  • Tarot Readings
    • Tarot is a metaphysical tool used to gain insight to a specific question or situation. The cards are laid in a spread associated with the question or situation, then interpreted based on the illustrations and their positions in the spread.

      • Readings can be done in person or over the phone or the results can be emailed with a written follow up.

  • Dream Interpretation
    • Dreams are interpreted based on the symbols reveled in the dream. Often these symbols provide answers to questions or situations in the forefront of the person's mind during the day prior to the dream or to questions or situations prevalent in the person's life.

      • Interpretations can be done in person or over phone or email with a written follow up.


Here are some of the wonderful people I've been blessed to work with on my journey.

  • Karen Anderson
Angel and Energy Therepist
Email: karen@divinejourneys.net
Website: www.divinejourneys.net
Phone: (805) 445 - 1224

Karen is a caring and devoted soul that is commiteed to helping her fellow brothers and sisters heal and expand thier sipritual awareness, as she knows that it is the path to inner peace. Karen works very closely with the Angelic Kingdom, assisting many upon the Earth to help heal pain, whether it is emotional or physical.

  • Cory Hollingsworth
Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Medium, Writer
Email: angeldragonfly@sbcglobal.net
Phone: (916) 420 - 7188

Cory has been working with the Angelic Realm since 2001 and has guided hundreds of people with their journey of self discovery and intuition. Cory;s guided mission in life includes guiding other to remember their connection with Source and their own intuitive gifts.

  • Amber McCullough
Heal From Within
Reconnective Healing®
Practitioner, The Reconnection, Intuitive Guidance Counselor, Psychic Medium
Email: amber@healfromwith.net
Website: www.healfromwithin.net
Phone: (805) 895 - 4251

Amber fulfills her mission of sharing her experiences, strength, and hope to all sentient beings and being of service in any way she can. Her kind and gentle guidance show you that hope illuminates your first steps on the path of healing and growth.

  • Jane Miller
Psychic / Clairvoyant
Email: ladyjane@psychic-ladyjane.com
Website: www.psychic-ladyjane.com
Phone: (310) 456 - 2119

Lady Jane has been serving the Los Angeles area for over 20 years. Using her gifts as a clairvoyant, she offers deep insight into one's life and helps the recipient to find the best possible path for their highest and best outcome in life.

  • Wendy Kashefi
Tarot, Holistic Healing, Reiki
Email: readings@wendytarot.com
Website: www.wendytarot.com
Phone: (818) 788 - 2844

Wendy has been teaching the tarot for over 20 years and it is still her passion and joy. She is proud of the caliber of readers she has trained - some of whom have chosen to become professionals in their own right. Wendy is available for private readings in person or on the phone as well as parties and special events. As a Reiki Master she also offers acupressure and other forms of energy work.

More Coming Soon!